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3 signs you should try ketamine therapy in Long Island, NY
September 15, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A father with his children on the beach. Ketamine therapy in New York is a way to regain your happiness.

Depression is debilitating. When conventional medicine yields no relief, it feels hopeless. However, there are alternatives. If medication and therapy haven’t provided relief, ketamine therapy in New York will. At Long Island Ketamine Infusions, we’re the leading ketamine infusion therapy provider. Our treatment is affordable, convenient, and provides relief when all other treatments can’t. When all else fails, we’re here to deliver.

Here are 3 signs you need ketamine therapy:

1. You have treatment-resistant depression (TRD)

Suffering from TRD feels like a losing battle, and it’s a sign you should try ketamine therapy in New York.

Conventional treatment for depression revolves around medication and therapy. While these are crucial components to maintaining mental health, around 20% of people don’t respond to antidepressants, and some people don’t respond to therapy.

Not responding to medication often results in mixing and matching medicine to no avail. Worst yet, it begins with false hope and ends in disappointment. More devastatingly, ineffectual treatment means people have to suffer through their symptoms with no relief.

Ketamine is an unrivaled treatment for severe symptoms of depression like suicidal ideation. The only other drug with the same efficacy is lithium. Better yet, ketamine therapy quickly alleviates suicidal thoughts and actions. This relief is often life-saving.

If you have any questions about TRD or ketamine, you’re in luck. At Long Island Ketamine Infusion, we have the answers you’re looking for, and we can’t wait to start treatment!

2. You want quick relief and minimal side effects

One reason ketamine therapy in New York is an unrivaled depression and anxiety treatment is it works fast, and the infusion process only takes one hour.

Almost immediately, most patients experience a notable change, and some patients even report an immediate reduction in suicidal thoughts. Even better, the effects felt aren’t just short-lasting. The heightened effects of ketamine start within minutes of infusion but last a month.

Just as importantly, traditional medication has myriad side effects. Particularly for those who have tried it all, minimal side effects make ketamine therapy preferable. Ketamine only stays in your body for a short period, so any side effects you experience last a short time, too.

If you’re interested in quick relief with minimal side effects, it’s time to try ketamine! At Long Island Ketamine Infusions, you’ll get both, and our passion is helping you.

3. You also have anxiety

It’s not uncommon for anxiety and depression to go hand in hand. Those who suffer from one will often have a co-existing condition of the other. Like depression, anxiety can be crippling and make it difficult to go about your daily life by doing things like going to work, the grocery store, or getting some exercise by going for a walk.

Another similarity between anxiety and depression is that some patients find it difficult to get relief from medications. With help from ketamine therapy, you can find lasting relief for your anxiety as it’s shown to lessen severe anxiety. This is proven to be true even in patients who haven’t seen results with traditional anxiety medications.

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If it feels like your struggle with depression or anxiety is a losing battle, ketamine therapy in Long Island, New York is crucial. More than just life-changing, ketamine therapy is life-saving. At Long Island Ketamine Infusion, we’re the leading ketamine therapy provider. Ketamine is significantly more effective than medication, incredibly safe, and has no side effects. Call now to set up an appointment! After ketamine therapy, we’re sure you’ll start believing in miracles.